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How much will it cost to run my desired workflow?

Understanding our plans and fee structure

Plans in Levity charge by usage, so you only pay for what you need. You can view all of our plan details on the Levity pricing page of our website, including an explanation of the various features of each plan.

If your usage requirements change and you are looking to upgrade or change your existing plan, you can get a handy estimate of the new cost by going to the bottom left of your account and clicking Manage Plan. On the pricing pop-up, toggle the drop-down next to Included Actions to see what the new cost will be.

You can view your account usage in the bottom left corner of your account. This will also tell you when your usage amount will reset.

If you are on one of the tiers with a limit on monthly AI trainings, you will receive a pop-up before  you initiate a training to confirm that you want to use one of your credits.

Note: To upgrade or change your plan details, click Manage Plan in the bottom left corner and click Subscribe under your desired plan to complete payment details.

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