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How to set up your Gmail workflow

Importing your emails and integrating your workflow

Levity is used by many to organize their Gmail inboxes, this article will walk you through how to use our importer tool to set up your workflow in minutes.

Note: We're currently in the approval process with Google, so for now you will need to whitelist before our tool can access your emails in Gmail. Here's how.

First, log into your account, and navigate to the AI Blocks area. Then click Create an AI Block and select Text Classifier. Click the Add text button. A pop-up should appear, click the Gmail option:

Notion image

The importer will walk you through the steps of first authenticating your Gmail account (giving the Levity platform access to pull your emails). On the next screen, you will have a couple of options.

Filter for certain emails

This is an optional field, used to specify if you want to only access a particular set of emails. For example, if you want to only pull the items in your Important label, you could write that in here.

Notion image

You can view the full list of Gmail commands here.

You can import up to 1000 emails using this tool.

Next steps

Once you have successfully completed the steps in the popup, you should see an importing notification:

Notion image

Once the import has finished, you will see the Build screen with your unlabeled data. This is where you will set the categories for your workflow. For example, you might want to set up labeling for "High Priority" and "Low Priority". Once you have at least 20 data points in each label, you'll be able to train your Block by clicking the Train AI Block button.

Notion image

Testing your Block

Once training has finished, head over to the Test tab to see how your Block performs. We recommend using test data as close to the training data as possible to get an accurate prediction from this stage.

Hint: The Test tab, and the Performance Score, are just an estimate of how well your Block might work. The best way to see how your Block will perform is to do a live test by connecting it to your Gmail account.

Connecting your Block to your Gmail

Once you're happy with your Block, it's time to get it connected up and running! Head over to the Flows section, and from the Show all templates section, locate the Gmail to Gmail Flow:

Notion image

Similar to the first pop-up, this will walk you through all the steps to connect your new AI Block to your full workflow. Once you've completed all the steps, make sure to enable the flow by toggling the switch:

Notion image

All done! You should soon be seeing Levity in action, classifying your Gmail emails for you.

We’re available to provide advice, answer questions, and talk through setup options whenever you’re ready. Click here to read more about getting in touch.

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