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How to test your AI Block

How to make test predictions to see how your AI model performs

Training your block is the hard part, and now comes the reward of seeing what it can do. There are two ways you can test your AI Block:

Use the Test feature within the AI Block

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You will be taken through the testing process within the workflow of building your AI Block. If training a text model, you can simply type into the square on the left, click Test, and see the sentiment prediction appear to the right. For image and document blocks, you can click/upload or drag and drop training data into the space for real-time results.

Note: Sometimes, when testing an AI Block, you may experience a brief loading delay before you receive the results. This is normal and is due to the servers restarting in preparation to generate your test result.

Integrate and use your Block

The final stage in creating an AI Block is connecting it to your other services. A real-time test of your workflow is the best way to see how accurate your predictions will be.

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Flows are how AI Blocks turn into an end-to-end AI-powered workflow. To set up a Flow, simply head over to the Flows section in your account, and choose your integrations.

We also have a few options for connection to third-party automation tools such as Zapier. This integration is a quick way to get your AI Block into a complete, end-to-end solution, and also includes various points in the setup at which you can push a test through. See our Zapier integration guide for more information.

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