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Whitelisting the App for use with Levity

How to let your Google Account know it can trust our services

When using our Gmail importer, you will first need to add a small piece of information to your Google Account to work correctly. We use a trusted third-party provider called to power this tool, and this guide will talk you through how to set up your Google Account so it can perform the integration steps.

Step 1 - Log into your Google Workspace (formerly โ€œG Suiteโ€) admin console

Using the Gmail account you want to import emails for, log in to the Google Workspace Admin Console

Step 2 - On the left menu, click Security >> Access and data control >> API Controls

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This will take you to a screen with a few options. In the top box (โ€App access controlโ€), click the blue link โ€œMANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESSโ€.

Step 3 - Click Add app from the menu, click OAuth App Name Or Client ID

From here, it will prompt you for details to add a trusted app. This is where you will enter the credentials for

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