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Can I share my AI Blocks and Flows with my coworker?

Creating a collaborative workspace within Levity

It's likely that your workflow within Levity will need to be accessed by more than one person. You can grant team members access to your current workspace to access your existing AI Blocks and Flows. This guide will talk you through how to do this.

First, log into your account, and click Settings & members in the top left corner:

On the pop-up that appears, click Users:

2022-03-22 14_17_04-Window

Click Invite User:

invite user

Fill in the boxes. First Name, Last Name, Email, and Roles are required fields: 

For the Roles, you can choose between Admin and Owner (or both).

You can also copy and use the invite link as an alternative, if you want your new user to sign themselves up. These invite links expire at a set time (you can adjust this), so only generate them as needed.

Once your invited user clicks the link in their email, it should allow them to log in to your workspace and collaborate with you on your AI Blocks and Flows.