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How do I get a CSV file for uploading data?

Learning how to make a template for bulk uploading text and other data

A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is a text file designed to hold data as a spreadsheet would, but where a comma separates each 'cell' of data. This makes it versatile for transferring and importing lists of data between systems.

When building your AI Block in Levity, you have the option of importing your data via CSV file, instead of using the drag and drop/click and upload method. If your data sits in an Excel file (XLS filetype) or on a Google Sheets document, this guide will talk you through how to easily convert those to CSV.

Why would you use a CSV file in Levity?

When setting up your new AI Block for training, the standard way to pull data into it is via the Import Data tab. On this page, you can click the Import button and select one or more files from your computer to upload, or you can drag and drop these files. This is great for smaller amounts of data or unsorted data that you still need to label, but there will be times when you're working with larger lists of information such as thousands of pieces of text, or want to pre-categorize your data before you begin the import stage. A CSV file can be set up to hold all of this information, allowing you just one single upload file to connect those thousands of data points to Levity.

How to create a CSV file that will work with Levity

Creating and using a template for Levity is easy. The upload process will automatically check through your document and ask you to identify the columns, so you don't even need to worry about putting column headers in.

Simply open Google Sheets, Excel, or other spreadsheet software, list your data in the first column, list the label you wish to apply in the adjacent column. If using Excel, you will then want to use File >> Save As and select the filetype CSV (Comma Delimited).

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For Google Sheets, click File >> Download and select Comma Separated Values (.csv)

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Getting CSV files from your other apps

Other software may allow you to Export your data straight into a CSV format, which you can bring straight into Levity.

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