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What’s a good starting point for my use case?

Figuring out where to start for the quickest path to success

Most Levity users come to us knowing what they want to get out of their AI automation, but not necessarily what they need to put in to do it. This guide will help you narrow down a starting point for your own use case.

Want to talk to us first? Reach out to our support team to book an onboarding call.

Did you do our Getting Started tour yet?

Tailor-made with you in mind, our Getting Started tour is designed to ease users into the AI-building world. This tour takes you through uploading and labeling data, training a Block, making test predictions and understanding performance scores, and integrating your model with tools such as Zapier and API. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, or just a few tips on where to click to get things moving, this is our recommended first step.

Is your use case a template?

Levity provides a growing collection of templates as starting points for the most common use cases, including:

  • Categorizing email responses from inbound leads (interested vs. not interested)
  • Customer support ticket topic classification (over 20 different common customer question types)
  • Identifying PDF document types from attachments (resume, receipt, and invoice)
Log into the Levity App to see the full list of templates currently available.
Log into the Levity App to see the full list of templates currently available.

Templates are not just for these specific use cases though - if you see a template that is similar to your use case, you can always add and remove labels as needed to make it fit. Our templates include sample data and come pre-trained, but you can also add more data and re-train them as needed.

This is a great starting point if you’re unsure, or don’t quite have enough data yet to build your own custom solution. Read more about custom vs. template AI Blocks here.

Can you use our importer tool to source your data?

In addition to manual uploading, you can now import your data directly into Levity from a number of sources, including Gmail and Typeform. This is a good starting point for anyone looking to classify emails or survey responses, who might not yet have this data downloaded or labeled. The full process of sorting, labeling, and importing the data is included within this tool, so you can build a Block in minutes.

Can the Levity team help you get started?

Sometimes the best starting point is talking to a human, which is where our customer team shines!

We’re available to provide advice, answer questions, and talk through setup options whenever you’re ready. Click here to read more about getting in touch.

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