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What kind of data can I upload?

Image, text, and document requirements for Levity AI models

Data is crucial for your AI block process. After identifying your automation need, you need to prepare the data. Levity offers flexibility in data uploads. No training data? No worries, use one of our pre-trained templates instead.

Format & upload

πŸ“·Β πŸ“„ Image and PDF Blocks

One by one:Β Click to upload: Common image file formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) or PDF files. Batch: For Business Plan users and above, contact our engineering resources for bulk upload assistance.

πŸ’¬ Text Blocks

Batch upload via CSV file: Upload a CSV file with two columns: one for the training data (e.g., Tweet, review, email body, etc.) and another for the label you want the model to learn. Header rows are optional since you'll specify this during the upload process. You can use a file with more than two columns, but keep in mind that Levity will only utilize one data column and one label column for training. If you have multiple data columns, consider concatenating them into a single cell before uploading.

Have data but aren’t sure how to structure it? Contact support!

Quantity of training data

Levity requires a minimum of 20 examples per class for training data. Although this is the technical minimum, we recommend providing 100+ examples per class for better results and improved model performance in various scenarios. The more labels you have, the more context the model will need to learn the nuances between each label.


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