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What is a Flow?

A key feature for building out your working AI solution

In Levity, Flows are how AI Blocks turn into an end-to-end AI-powered workflow.

Without Levity, a person might be performing a manual daily task of opening their emails, downloading and checking the attachments, and saving them to specific folders based on what the document types are identified as:

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With Levity, this cumbersome repetitive process is automated by Flows. Incoming emails are automatically checked and sent to Levity, the AI Block classifies the data, and all resumes, contracts, and receipts are saved to their own specific folders, with no need for any human assistance.

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Flows are a visualization of predetermined steps that you would otherwise manually carry your data through.

For more examples of how the Flows feature can be used, check out our Use Cases page.

Setting up a Flow

Our templates make it easy to build a Flow quickly. See the full step-by-step on how to build a Flow here.

Does the AI Block train itself as the Flow runs?

Training is a crucial part of the AI workflow, and is how your AI Block gets more accurate over time. This needs to be done manually, you can follow the steps in this guide to run a training on your Block.

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