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What is an AI Block?

Explaining the basics of one of our key features

Just as a drivable car needs an engine, your workflow in Levity needs an AI Block. Think of this like the AI brain in your operations. AI Blocks are where incoming data goes to be collated, labeled, interpreted, and sent out to wherever it should go next.

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Tip: Consider a naming convention for your AI Blocks that will help you identify what they do at a later date.

AI Blocks FAQ

How does an AI Block learn what to do?

It trains itself from examples! The workflow in Levity walks you through the training process, from how many datapoints and labels you need, to completing a training run. Just like a human brain, your AI Block will get smarter as you add more data.

I don't have any data yet. Can I still make an AI Block?

Yes! We provide AI Block templates within your account, pre-trained, for the most common use cases. For example, if you are looking to implement AI for identifying invoices and other documents or emails coming into your email inbox, we have templates for that.

How can I trust that my AI Block is making the correct predictions?

In the process of setting up your AI block, you will be guided through a series of steps that includes testing the model. If you are using your own data to train your model, make sure you keep a few pieces back from the initial upload so you can use them as a test later.

Is data in my AI Block safe?

Yes, absolutely. Levity is built from the ground up with security in mind. We’ve gone through the rigorous process to be SOC 2 Type I certified. In addition, we take workspace security seriously, any AI Block you build in your own account is not accessible to anyone else, and we will never access your workspace or data or share anything without your explicit consent.

How do I set up an AI Block?

Visit this guide to find out how to set up an AI Block in your account.

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