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The Levity Community

A collaborative environment to meet the Levity team, other app users, and AI experts

The Levity community is a space for everyone, from no-code newbies to AI experts and everyone in between. Regardless of what stage of the journey you are at, the community is your place to connect with others, contribute to discussions, and share your learnings.

What is the link to the community?

Click here to get access.

Who will benefit from the community?

This is a space for everyone who has an interest in no-code AI. Our community is made up of experts and influencers in the AI and ML space, as well as people who use the Levity app in their daily processes.

What content will be provided in this space?

The Levity staff team also uses the space to answer questions, provide advice, and discuss industry-relevant news and updates.

For our higher-tier customers, there will also be private access channels to provide direct and early access to resources.

What content can I post?

The community is a space to inspire others with whatever you have to share in the world of AI and ML. Are you building something amazing in Levity? This is the place to share it. You're also welcome to post questions and discussion points to drive others to share their knowledge.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas of topics:

  • Introduce yourself in Introductions and let others know what brings you to Levity
  • Highlight your use case or anything you are particularly proud of in your workflow
  • Ask a question that provokes other Levity users to share their ideas and inspirations
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