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Using templates for AI Blocks

Learn how AI automation templates can speed up your setup

Building out a full working AI model takes time. When the goal of AI automation software is to speed up your workflow, this is often time you don't have. Levity's templates feature allows you to bypass this bottleneck, and get up and running quickly in the software.

In this guide, we'll cover the types of templates available in Levity, and how to set them up.

AI Block Templates

These show up near the bottom of the page once you click the AI Blocks subheading on the left. Click Use template to make a copy of the template that is ready for you to use.

Sometimes it takes a few seconds in the creation process for the data to filter into the correct buckets - in the Organize Data screen, this may look like you have a lot of empty labels with all the data showing as "Unlabeled". If this happens, refresh your page and you should see everything re-appear under the correct headings.