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What are Actions?

How usage in your account is measured

Whenever an AI Block classifies an image, a PDF or a piece of text (e.g. one email body) this counts as an Action. Also, every operation/step in a Flow (like sending an email or updating a record in your CRM) counts as an Action.

Think of it like a mailman delivering a set of documents - the mailman only needs to do one trip to your mailbox (1 action), but you'd need to open each envelope to classify what the documents are (multiple actions). 

Action-single-altThe Action usage will increase depending on how many pieces of data you are processing at the same time:

actions-explanation-multiple-correctedYou can monitor your account's spent Actions in the bottom left of your Levity account. If you need to adjust what your plan includes, you can easily upgrade by clicking on the Manage Plan link.

If you are connecting your AI Block via API, or using an integration option from the Integrate tab, these will not affect your Action usage - in this case, you will only incur the Actions used by the AI Block (1 action per data piece). 

Caution: Be aware that services such as Zapier may also have their own usage costs. Levity does not control these - you will want to check with those services directly for more information.

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