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What is Levity and who is it for?

What does the Levity app do and how can it help your business?

What is Levity?

Levity is a no-code tool for automating tasks that previously required human decision-making.

We combine human and machine intelligence as the simplest and fastest way to automate repetitive tasks involving documents, images or text.

What problems does Levity solve?

Levity improves productivity through seamless workflows, which frees up knowledge workers’ time to focus on more meaningful work. 

Workflows are easy to set up and integrate with hundreds of business tools, providing anyone with the means to automate daily chores and bring joy back to their jobs.

Who uses Levity?

Because our solution is so simple, Levity is simply for everyone. From individuals who want to use Levity for private uses to big corporations that do not want to focus on building up their own AI team, we can solve problems for all kinds of users.

We work across industries with companies of all sizes.

Is Levity for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, give us a shout at hello@levity.ai

Levity today is used by companies of all sizes and shapes - and you can sign up for access right here!

Want to know more about what our users have built?

Here are some examples: