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Summarize lengthy support tickets for improved response time KPIs

How Levity’s AI boosts human productivity in CS departments

This guide is intended to help you streamline your customer support tasks by employing AI tools. It specifically focuses on using Levity's Summarize Block to make sense of customer emails and respond effectively and promptly.


Step 1: Create a Levity Account

If you haven't done so yet, create an account with Levity. Go to and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Navigate to the AI Block Section

From your Levity account, go to the AI block section and click on the 'New AI Block' button.

Step 3: Select Summarize Block

You'll be given a choice between 'Extract', 'Classify', 'Generate', and 'Summarize'. Select 'Summarize'.

Step 4: Provide Instructions for the AI

Once you're in the Summarize Block, there's an important field where you give the instructions on what you want the AI to do. In this context, you want the AI to act like a human assistant, proficient at extracting the key points from any level of text. Input your specific prompt.

Step 5: Set the Language Style

If you have a preferred style for the summary, you can set that here. However, this step is optional. If you want your summary to be short and succinct, for instance, you can specify it here.

Step 6: Set the Summary Length

Adjust the slider to set your desired summary length. For most support tickets, a short summary is likely to be most useful, so you might want to slide it all the way to 'Short'.

Step 7: Input Text to Summarize

Copy and paste the text you want to summarize into the right-hand box.

Step 8: Click the Summarize Button

After inputting your text, click the 'Summarize' button to view the output. The AI will provide a concise, relevant sentence that encapsulates the core of your customer's query.

Step 9: Integrations and Customization

At this point, you can integrate the block with your tools to make it work in a production environment. You may also want to enhance the output by generating a response based on the summary or by adding personalized details from the email.

By following these steps, you can set up Levity's Summarize Block to efficiently process and respond to customer queries, helping your support team maintain prompt, high-quality service.
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