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The Extract Block

Setting up an extraction AI model

Consider the Extraction Block as your diligent digital mining expert, capable of sifting through heaps of information to extract valuable 'nuggets' of data. It's an AI tool within Levity's platform that pulls out specific pieces of information from your data, such as dates, names, addresses, and more, based on the criteria you set.

Setting Up Your Extraction Block

Setting up your Extract Block is a streamlined process that brings you closer to your desired automation level.

  1. Access AI Blocks: After logging into your Levity account, navigate to the sidebar and click on 'AI Blocks'. On this screen you'll see a blue button labeled 'New AI Block'. Go ahead and click it.
  1. Select Extraction: From the block types that appear - Extract, Classify, Generate, and Summarize - choose ‘Extract’. This choice is the first step towards freeing your team from tedious data extraction tasks.
  1. Personalize Your Block: Give it a name and select an emoji that best represent your goals. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect icon though, you can always change this later. When ready, click the ‘Create AI Block’ button.
  1. Configure Your Block: Now, it's time to instruct your AI tool about what data to extract. The configuration page allows you to specify the instructions, tone, and style to meet your needs effectively. You can make test predictions on this page to ensure it works how you need, before you go live.
    1. 🔹 Main text box: This is where you enter the text to be extracted from during testing. If you want to extract details from a flight confirmation email, for example, you’d put the body content of that email in here.

      🔹 Entities to extract: This is what you want the system to pull out of the text. Not sure? Leave it blank and see what the AI suggests.

  1. Test Your Block: Make sure your settings are how you need them - click the Extract button under the main text box, and watch the result appear on the right. It’s as easy as that! Not sure about the result? Simply adjust the parameters, and try again! Test predictions do not count towards your Actions usage, so you can test with confidence to get the output you need.

And you're set! Your Extraction Block is ready to dig deep and find those valuable pieces of information hidden in your data.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Extraction Block

The Extraction Block is a versatile aid that can tremendously improve various facets of your business operations. Here's how it can come in handy:

  • Invoice Processing: Utilize it to extract key details like invoice numbers, dates, or amounts, helping to automate your accounting process.
  • Customer Information Collection: It can pull out specific information like names, email addresses, or phone numbers from customer interactions, aiding in building your customer database.
  • Contract Review: The Extraction Block can be used to pinpoint essential details such as parties involved, contract duration, or termination clauses, streamlining your legal document review process.


Levity is committed to bringing the power and efficiency of AI to your business, irrespective of its size or the industry you operate in. The Extraction Block is a key tool in our arsenal designed to simplify your data management tasks and free up valuable time for your team.

Should you need any assistance or have any queries, remember, our support team is always here to help.

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