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The Generate Block

Setting up a generation AI model

Picture the Generation Block as your virtual wordsmith, an AI tool capable of crafting text based on the parameters you set. Whether it's generating product descriptions, drafting emails, creating social media posts, or any other text-based content, this block can assist you, giving you more time to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

Setting Up Your Generation Block

Setting up the Generation Block is a straightforward process:

  1. Access AI Blocks: After logging into your Levity account, navigate to the sidebar and click on 'AI Blocks'. On this screen you'll see a blue button labeled 'New AI Block'. Go ahead and click it.
  1. Select Generation: From the block types that appear - Extract, Classify, Generate, and Summarize - choose ‘Generate’. This choice sets you on the path to automated content generation.
  1. Personalize Your Block: Give it a name and select an emoji that best represent your goals. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect icon though, you can always change this later. When ready, click the ‘Create AI Block’ button.
  1. Configure Your Block: The configuration page allows you to instruct your AI on the style, tone, and structure of the content you need. Consider this a briefing session for your AI tool. You can make test predictions on this page to ensure it works how you need, before you go live.
    1. 🔹 Input: This is where you put a test input for generation (this will be set dynamically later). Think of this like the context you’ll pass to the AI, like an email to base the generation off.

      🔹 Instructions: Much like you tell a new employee all the quirks of the coffee machine, AI works best when you give it a little structure in your instructions. This box is where you write the rules you want the AI to adhere to, when crafting your content.

      🔹 Style: Want something funny? Succinct? Verbose? You can specify up to five style requests here.

      🔹 Text length (slider): Define the length of the output here. Short means just a couple of sentences, and Long will generate a whole paragraph.

  1. Test Your Block: Make sure your settings are how you need them - click the Generate button under the main text box, and watch the result appear on the right. It’s as easy as that! Not sure about the result? Simply adjust the parameters, and try again! Test predictions do not count towards your Actions usage, so you can test with confidence to get the output you need.

There you have it! Your Generation Block is all set up and ready to create text based on your unique needs.

Exploiting the Potential of Your Generation Block

The Generation Block is an adaptable tool that can significantly enhance your content creation process. Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Product Descriptions: Use it to generate detailed and engaging descriptions for your products, enhancing your e-commerce catalog.
  • Email Drafting: Automate your email creation process for marketing campaigns, customer engagement, or regular newsletters.
  • Social Media Posts: The Generation Block can help craft compelling posts to engage your audience across social media platforms.

The Generation Block is fully customizable to suit your business's content creation needs, making it a potent tool in your digital toolkit.


At Levity, we strive to democratize AI technology, making it accessible and beneficial for all businesses. The Generation Block is a powerful part of this commitment, designed to transform your content creation process, saving you time, and enabling you to communicate more effectively.

If you need any assistance or have questions along the way, our dedicated support team is ready to help.

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