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How do you use Levity?

Finding your AI automation use case

Answer: Very easily!

We want to democratize AI for everyone, so weโ€™ve designed the whole process to be as simple as possible. You can initiate the process from several starting points depending on how you like to work:

  1. Demo Blocks: You can quickly set up a workflow right from the first page you land on. Select your trigger (e.g., a new email), choose the AI action you want to take (e.g., summarize the email), and define the action you want in the output tool (e.g., send the summary in a Slack message to you).
  1. Create a Flow: Coming soon! If you want to build your workflow visually, you can click on the 'Flows' page and start creating a workflow in a drag-and-drop manner. Layout your process, and configure each component to your liking, right from this screen.
  1. Set up an AI Block: If diving into the AI and playing with the tool is your preferred starting point, you can go to the 'AI Blocks' page to create an AI Block from scratch. Click on 'Create new AI Block' and choose one of the four types - generation, classification, summarization, or extraction. After selecting, you'll be taken to a configuration page where you can set the style, tone, instructions, and more. From here, you can also choose to connect the Block to a workflow.
  1. Coming Soon - Natural Language Building: In the near future, we'll be including a feature that allows you to simply write out what you want in simple language, and our system will be able to set it up for you in seconds.
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