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What is an AI Block?

Learning about the core AI features in Levity

We have four types of AI Block for you to choose from. But before we dive into them, let's explore what an AI Block actually is.

An AI Block is essentially a modular piece of artificial intelligence, each one designed with a unique purpose in mind. Think of it like a digital building block that can be used to automate a specific type of task. They're the essential components you'll use to build your workflows in Levity.

Now, let's explore the four types of AI Block available to you:

1. Classify Block:

The Classify Block acts like a diligent sorting assistant. It is used to categorize or label data based on specific criteria you define. If you have a pile of emails and you need to tag them as 'urgent' or 'non-urgent,' the classification Block is your go-to tool.

2. Generate Block:

The Generate Block is your creative companion, tasked with producing new content based on your guidelines. Whether you need to craft personalized emails, generate product descriptions, or formulate responses to customer inquiries, this generative AI block is at your service.

3. Summarize Block:

The Summarize Block is your personal information condenser. This AI tool takes lengthy text inputs and condenses them into succinct summaries, helping you grasp key points quickly. Whether you have lengthy reports, long emails, or extensive articles, the summarization Block helps extract the essence.

4. Extract Block:

Lastly, the Extract Block is your data detective. This AI block sifts through your text data to pick out specific details or entities. If you need to pull out all email addresses from a document or compile all dates mentioned in a report, the extraction Block is your best bet.

Remember, each AI Block is highly customizable. You get to define what each block does based on your unique needs. By combining different AI Blocks, you can build powerful automation workflows that save you time, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. It's all about working smarter with Levity's AI Blocks.

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