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What is Levity?

Everything you need to know about us

Levity is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically sort, summarize, and extract information from your text documents.

Simply put, you connect Levity to your digital world and let it organize, file, summarize, create, and more, using the latest in LLM technologies. Think of us as your AI experts on the ground and the Levity app as your versatile Swiss Army knife for all text-related tasks and automation.

How does Levity work?

A good analogy for explaining how Levity is to compare it to a conveyor belt assembly line in a factory.

AI Blocks represent the individual machines or workstations along the assembly line, each designed to perform a specific task. These tasks could be organizing emails, summarizing long texts, extracting order numbers or key details, or generating responses. In the context of Levity, AI Blocks are easily set up and configured based on the instructions and styles you specify.

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Flows represent the conveyor belt that moves items through the assembly line, connecting the various workstations. In the context of your business, these workstations are the software tools you use every day, such as Google Drive, Outlook, Airtable, etc. Flows ensure a seamless transition from one AI Block (workstation) to another, coordinating the overall process.

Just as a factory's assembly line can be customized with different machines and workstations to create a unique product, Levity allows users to create custom AI Blocks and integrate them into tailored Flows, automating their specific tasks and workflows. If you want your email to connect to your digital storage, with some smart decision making in the middle, that’s exactly what Levity does.

Flexibility in Building

The power of Levity is in its flexibility and simplicity. You can choose to lay out the workflow first and then configure each part, you can draw the workflow visually and dive into each component to configure individually, or you can play with the AI itself first, and then build the workflow around it.

Who uses Levity?

Because our solution is so simple, Levity is simply for everyone. From individuals who want to use Levity for private uses to big corporations that do not want to focus on building up their own AI team, we can solve problems for all kinds of users. We work across industries with companies of all sizes.

Is Levity for you?

We made this part super easy - try before you buy! We have a free trial, so you don’t need to spend a penny to save time and money with Levity.

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